Sinterklaas and going home

Sinterklaas and going home

Today our friend Job came to the hospital to make sure the dutch Sinterklaas and his friend Piet would visit Elise at the hospital. (We planned to celibrate this occasion with the Dutch-Swedish club yesterday but of course we had to cancel.)

Elise, Sophie and Sebbe were really happy that they met with there big idols of course. 

Elise is doing really good and after we asked the staff a few times if we could go home they actually agreed. So now we are at home already! 

Tomorow we have to go back for controls. Elise is still very tired and we are all anxious or course about the results of the tumor which will come in about a week. But it is so nice to be at home. 

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  1. Yes! Nu al thuis en Sinterklaas langs gehad! Succes Elise met verdere herstel! Ik blijf met jullie mee duimen! Denk aan jullie. Dikke kus

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