Christmas gift 2011!

Helena Kyrk took these beautiful pictures.

If you want to purchase a beautiful hart or angel to help raise money for the Childrens Cancer Associaton here in Sweden please klick here if you are Dutch or here if you live in Sweden.




Best baby in the world!


Help wanted.

Who wants to help me collect for the Children Cancer Association?!? Soon I will be making ‘the hearts’ again to raise money for Kika/Barncancerfonden. Do you want to help me?

You can help by coming to Floda and manufacture them together with me (not really hard to learn, just for a few hours). You can also help by selling them to friends/ family or at your work. Or maybe you want to buy some lovely hearts for yourself or your loved ones?

Please help!


Good news!

Jaaaaaa, good news, the tissue that the neurosurgeon took out turned out to be scar tissue!!!!! Champagne!

Tanks for all your support these few weeks! Now we will chill out and enjoy life with two beautifull girls!