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Maand: november 2014

My Tedx talk about living with cancer.

My Tedx talk about living with cancer.


Lisanne’s grandfather, three of her aunts, an uncle and a nephew – all of them died from cancer. Her daughter got a brain tumour at the age of 1,5 years.
”I remember when me and my husband sat on the big hill next to Sahlgrenska while our precious daughter was undergoing brain surgery. We promised each other to fight this together, to stay together no matter what,” Lisanne says.

The whispering voice has helped Lisanne through the toughest challenges in her life.

“And that’s why I want to tell the story about our family curse. I want to break the taboo regarding cancer and other hard things in life. To make people see how you can listen to the little voice in your head saying; I will try again tomorrow.”

”I will not get a new life, I have to play the cards I have gotten, and make it as good as possible,” she continuous.


When Lisanne’s daughter got brain cancer she had to go through both surgery and a massive amount of chemotherapy.

”I wanted to make her journey a little bit easier. I found out about ”Supersnöret”, a string with different beads for different treatments, where the children make there own ”Superstring”.

They had it in Holland, and I thought to myself; This would be perfect for my daughter, and I want it for all the kids in Sweden fighting cancer,” Lisanne says with a smile.

Today most hospitals in Sweden are ”on board” and the ”Supersnöret” is a well functioning therapy, both during treatment, but also after finished treatment, to help showing friends and family the journey of fighting cancer.

About Lisanne

Family: Husband Gustav, two daughters and a baby on its way. Huge family in Holland.

Favourite TED-talk: Dan Gilbert; Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy?

Would I like to see at TEDxGöteborg: “My daughter Elise, in 25 years from now, talking about how cancer was something to be afraid of in the past”

Favourite saying: ”End your days as it would be your last, but make plans as if you will live forever”

Text: Henrietta Emilson