Cancer sucks

Cancer sucks

Exactly seven years (!) ago we were thrown into this pediatric-cancer-world. We learned a lot. Especially that cancer sucks big time!

”… We enter the hospital, Elise is being prepared for a MRI. She gets on blue small hospital clothes. When the docter enters the room she is already asleep in her fathers arms and doesn’t even notice the mask they put on her mouth to sedate her. It is hard to leave her behond in unknown hands. The good thing is we don’t know yet that this moment would be one of the easiest parts on the road ahead of us. The things that are yet to come are unimaginable …”
(from my blogg 24th september 2010)

In our worst nightmare we wouldn’t have imagined that seven years later we are still ’the cancer parents’. Dam I really want to cancel our prescription on the pediatric cancer ward.


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