No answer yet

No answer yet

It turns out it is really hard to determine if the biopsy (taken during Elises operation) are benign or malignant. So after two and a half weeks of work here in Sweden they were sent off to be analysed in the U.S.A. It feels good that the doctors are doing everything they can to get the correct answer but it is so hard to be waiting for so many weeks, the uncertainty i nervwrecking.

Fortunately Elise is doing good. She has been going to school for 1,5 hour every day. These are the get-well-soon-cards she makes for the kids at the hospital.

2 thoughts on “No answer yet

  1. Nervewrecking it is. Good that Elise is healing well.
    Hope you get an answer soon, an please let it be a good answer so you can go on with your lives.

    In our minds.


  2. Dear family of Elise.
    You probably do not remember me, but we were in the same hotel on Mallorca, Gala D’or many years ago. Maybe 2011? We gave you a baby swimming device and you gave us some baby stuff you did not need. I never forgot Elise, or you and look at your blog from time to time. Congratulations on you third child.
    We are now ourselves going for some tests as our third child (who was not born when we met) is having issues with double vision. Nothing known yet.
    I just want you to know that I appreciate your blog and your strength. I wish you all the very best for the future.
    Frauke Balks


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