Bad news

Bad news

Unfortunately we have bad news.
Elise has a new tumour.

Because it is in a different place they think it is a different type of tumour this time.

We met the oncologist more than a week ago and they planned an extra CT immediatly to see what the plan will be. They are discussing an operation or a biopsi to see if it is benign or malign. But because the new tumour is in her highest neck vertebra that may be difficult.

The neurosurgeons will have a meeting to look att the options. We hope for more news soon. The long waiting is nerve wracking.

It turned up at a routine MRI screening and is still small. Elise has no neurological signs due to it at the moment which we are thankful for.

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  1. Af en toe kijk ik even op jullie blog. Geen bericht was steeds hoe bericht. Schrok nu van helaas weer een slechte uitslag. Heel veel sterkte.

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